Information for Resellers


TPI memberships are available for a reduced price when purchasing a group of 10 or more memberships at one time. TPI Membership for groups include all services listed here

These volume purchases of memberships are available to resellers under the same terms as our individual memberships. The following conditions apply to resellers:

  • A one-time payment is made for all members in the group and a minimum of ten memberships must be purchased.
  • Resellers are permitted (and encouraged) to place a link to TPI’s website in advertising and promotions.
  • You may sell our memberships for any price as long as the price does not exceed the individual membership prices listed on TPI’s website.
  • The following terms are NOT allowed in any advertising: IATA, IATAN, and/or CLIA.
  • You are NOT allowed, under any circumstances, to issue ID cards of your own. TPI’s industry numbers (IATA, CLIA, etc) cannot be printed on anything by a reseller.
  • Do not bundle the sale of the certificate with any other promotion that you may have. The certificates are to be sold alone as individual items.

If you have any questions, please contact [email protected]


Lifetime Validity – $65.00 per membership. There is no annual renewal rate for active agents.*

You will be issued a block of certificate numbers. Each certificate can be exchanged for a TPI membership by a member of your organization or by your customer.  You are free to charge your own fee for each membership that you sell. You may not resell for more than the individual membership prices listed on our website. Each certificate can only be activated one time.

* Active agents are those that produce commissionable revenue through TPI Travel Services in the previous and consecutive twelve-month period.

Please change the quantity to the desired amount. Minimum quantity 10.


TPI Travel Services