Company Information

TPI was one of the first companies in the travel business who realized that many people were looking to use their computers to start a home based business, and what better business to start from home than a travel agency? The advantages were obvious, tax benefits, low or no overhead, travel benefits, and a fun and easy to learn activity. We have successfully operated our agent network for over 20 years.

TPI has opened the door for people from all walks of life, and in all parts of the world to make money and save money by starting their own travel business. We need your success so we made it easy for you to book travel directly with cruise lines, tour operators, and other suppliers and get up to 75 Percent of the Agency commission back. Our dedicated support staff has many years combined travel agency experience and is ready to assist you with anything that may come along.

Our knowledge and expertise makes it possible to work with the beginner in the travel business as well as the seasoned veteran.

Who would benefit from the TPI opportunity?

If you are already estabished working as an Independent Travel Agent you will find that our high level of support and tools will make your business more successful.

We also accept people new to the travel industry who would like to participate in the benefits of the travel industry and gain the rewards from the future growth of their business. Our effective operational procedures will help you make your dream of owning a successful and fun business a reality. The ability to purchase only the services you want and need make our program the most flexible in the industry.

Here is additional information on TPI and our Independent Agent Program:

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