I am an IC who has used TPI for two yeas now as a host agency. I hope they are as happy as I am with the arrangement. I have my own CLIA number, maintain a storefront office with two part-time helpers. Going this route gives me many of the headaches—IRS, rent, phones, bookkeeping, advertising, and ticketing fees etc.—however it also gives me fewer headaches: no ARC Reports, ticket stock or printers etc. to maintain, and no bond. I do have my own omissions and errors insurance, order my own brochures, joined ASTA on my own, and love my job every day. It is MY office, MY clients, and MY responsibility. I have one benefit that my host doesn’t… if on some Monday morning I decide I don’t ever want to go back to the office again, I can close it up with little or no problem. Do I resent what I pay my Host Agency? Heck NO!!! (Even if I do have to order my own brochures!)

I do want to take this chance to say thank you to Kathy, Jill, Bernhard and the rest of the crew.

PS: I am probably five thousand Miles from my host and four time zones away and it still works.

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