Make Money Booking Travel

There are many great benefits to working as an Independent Travel Agent, but we feel one of the reasons you will want to do this is profit.

Even though the marketplace has changed, TPI makes it possible for people who are following our guidelines and taking advantage of the tools we provide to establish a successful business.

It is true that commissions on PUBLISHED airfares have been eliminated by most carriers. However, TPI makes special fares available to you through consolidators. This allows you to mark the tickets up to whatever the market price is, and keep the difference (less a small fee) as your profit.. Due to the complexity of international airfares, clients are confused and need the help of a professional Travel Consultant.  In most cases, only a travel professional has the knowledge and tools to access special fares for their clients.

You can make money booking cruises, tours, hotels, car rentals, conventions, groups, some international and domestic airlines and others. Your major income is derived from commissions received from travel suppliers and service fees charged to your clients. Additional income is earned by charging consulting fees for trip preparation. 

The MOST profitable items are tours and cruises. A typical tour/cruise sale is over $3,000 and commissions are usually between 10 and 16 Percent.
You keep 60 Percent of the commission making the average sale worth over $200 to you. There are also options for higher commission splits.

And to make these sales, you do not have to invest in inventory, or maintain an office, staff, etc.  You can do it all from home.

Other advantages you will enjoy will be the ability to write off your home office, computer, internet connection, and other expenses from your taxable income. Also, you may be able to deduct your own personal travel as a business expense. Please consult a tax professional who will be familiar with the current tax laws.

The best part is that the Travel business is fun and easy to learn, and TPI is ready to get you started in it!

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