Travel Agent Discounts

To get discounts for hotels, tours, cruises, and more, please contact the reservations office for the travel supplier and request the travel industry rate  Identify yourself as a travel agent with TPI and give the reservation clerk TPI’s IATA industry number when requested.

Once you check in, you may need to identify yourself as an agent. To do so there are a few choices. If the travel supplier has specific identification requirements, make sure you are aware of what the requirements are and that you have the proper ID.

Have business cards printed or print them yourself from your printer. You can find more information on business cards in our manual.

Sometimes a supplier may ask for a letter of Introduction. These are available from TPI and may be purchased from our purchase items page.

If you have earned a CLIA or IATAN card, use that card for identification. The different types of ID cards are:

    • CLIA card. The CLIA card is issued by the Cruise Line International Association (CLIA), upon request, by TPI and is valid for one calendar year. There are additional fees for the CLIA card that are  not included with a TPI membership. Please click on the “CLIA” tab on this screen for more information on CLIA’s qualification requirements and instructions.
    • The IATAN card allows you to get many additional types of discounts. The IATAN card is issued by the International  Airlines Travel Agent Network (IATAN), upon request, by TPI. There are additional  fees for the IATAN card that are not included with a TPI membership. The  following requirements are set by IATAN in order to obtain this card:
      • $5,000 in commissions paid to you by TPI within a consecutive twelve- month  period
      • You must work at least 20 hours per week as an independent travel agent

When asked for an address and/or phone number, please give them TPI’s address and phone number. They are typically attempting to verify the agency information.

Please note that discounts are up to the discretion of the suppliers. Discounts are non-commissionable. Dress codes and other restrictions may apply.

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