Agent Manual


Office hours forTPI support 9:00 A.M. TO 2:00 P.M. EASTERN TIME.
Monday- Friday
Phone: (813) 933-8222
FAX: (208) 246-4688
Support Email: [email protected]
Accounting Email: [email protected] or [email protected]

TPI Travel Services
2901 W Busch Blvd, Suite 205
Tampa, FL 33618

VERY IMPORTANT:  Whenever you communicate with TPI, please provide your full name and agent ID.  Email communication is preferred.


If you are a new Agent with TPI Travel Services, the following documents must be provided in order for you to be considered an “active” agent so you may receive commissions for the travel you book.

  1. (U.S. Residents Only) Enclose a completed W-9 form including your social security or Tax ID number.
  2. A legible copy of a government issued photo ID such as a driver’s license or passport.
  3. If you not a resident of the U.S., please provide a copy of your passport.

All materials should be be sent to the TPI office address included in this manual.



The following fees apply to specific services rendered by TPI.

  1. Letters to a specific travel vendor when a letter is required by that vendor to receive an agent discount – $15
  2. Faxes – U.S. $1 per page, International $2 per page
  3. Tickets issued by consolidators – $25 service fee per ticket to TPI
  4. Denial of monthly access charge by your bank (premium members) – $25
  5. TPI issues a company check for any reason other than commission checks to one of our agents. (i.e., FAM trip payments, vendor payments for your client’s travel, etc.) – $25
  6.  Re-issue TPI commission check – $25 NOTE – all commission checks must be cashed within 90 days of issue date
  7. Invoice issued for a vendor in order for TPI to receive commission on your behalf. (May occur on international travel or with small independent vendors) – $10 per invoice

All fees are paid in U.S. dollars

There are additional products that can be purchased to complement your TPI membership. Visit “Purchase Items” for a current listing of products.


You can earn money by booking cruises, tours, hotels, car rentals, rail passes, conventions,  groups, theme park packages, some international and domestic airline tickets, and other services. Your primary income is derived from commissions received from travel suppliers and service fees charged to your clients. Additional income may be earned by charging consulting fees for trip preparation.

The MOST profitable items are tours and cruises. A typical tour or cruise sale  is more than $3,000. Commissions are usually 10-16%. You will receive 60% of the commission making the average sale worth more than $200 per booking.

Most cruise lines will pay 10% commission, however, the following are currently paying higher commissions: Viking River Cruises – 16%, Amazara, Celebrity, MSC Cruises, Royal Caribbean – 15%, Carnival Cruise Line – 12%-14%, Norwegian Cruise Line, Oceania, Princess Cruises – 12%, and Holland America – 11%.

The following commission split with agents is in effect at this time:

You will receive 60% of commission earned without additional service fees. This applies to all bookings with the exceptions of airline consolidator tickets. If it is commissionable to TPI, it is commissionable to you!

When providing a supplier with payment, do not deduct the  commission from your payment, even if the supplier allows the option. You must pay the gross amount (full amount including commission). Remember,  all commissions are TPI’s. As one of our independent agents, TPI will split the commission with you.

Commissions will be paid to you by TPI on the 15th of each month. Payments will include any commissions received by TPI on your behalf during the prior month. Commissions will accrue until you have a minimum of $25.00 in payments before a check will be issued. In order for TPI to send any commission checks to you, your file must be complete (ie. copy of passport or drivers license, completed W-9 IRS tax form, etc.).

Commissions on PUBLISHED airfares have been eliminated by  most carriers.  TPI offers special fares for international airline tickets. These prices are available to you through TPI consolidators and allows you to mark up tickets to market price values and retain the difference as profit (less a $25 fee to TPI). 



As a part of exercising good business practices, the following is prohibited:

If you provide a supplier with a direct payment, do not deduct the commission from that payment. You must pay the gross amount (full amount including commission). Credit card payments may be used for suppliers provided the commission is sent to TPI.  Remember, all commissions are TPI’s. As one of our independent agents, TPI will share our commission with you.

Do not accept a commission directly from a supplier. This does not apply if you have your own account with the supplier, and do not use TPI’s ARC/IATA/CLIA (Industry number) in any way.

Do not give a supplier your home phone or home address when referencing TPI’s ARC/IATA/CLIA (Industry number). When representing TPI as one of our Independent Agents, do not change information residing in a supplier’s database that relates to TPI’s industry number. If the information in their database is incorrect, please notify TPI immediately.

Do not represent yourself as a manager, owner, or administrator of TPI. You are an independent contractor or outside sales agent with TPI and should always represent yourself as such.

Do not register TPI for anything. Any registrations for the agency must be done by members of TPI management. Any registrations for individual agents that require processing by an administrator must be done by TPI’s management.

Do not involve TPI in any non-commisionable airline bookings. If the bookings are not commissionable, do not use TPI’s ARC/IATA/CLIA (Industry number). Make the reservation as an individual consumer.

Without exception, do not engage in false or misleading advertisements or promotions. .

All payments received by clients must be forwarded to suppliers to pay for travel services. Payments are not to be utilized for any other purpose. 

As a matter of exercising good business practices, please do the following:

Ask suppliers to list both your first and last name as the agent on your client’s reservations. TPI has many agents. Some agents have the same or similar name. If you have a common name, please ask the supplier to include your unique TPI AGENT ID code in reservations.

Conduct yourself in a polite and professional manner at all times when representing yourself as an agent with TPI Travel Services.
Agents violating any of these practices or rules will be terminated.


News and specials for agents sent from travel suppliers via email

Includes interactive atlas, driving directions, MoveQuest, personalized maps and travel plans

Travel Warnings
Travel warnings issued by the U.S. State Department

Worldwide Health Information
Travelers’ health related information from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention

Airport Information (worldwide)
Your guide to over 200 airports around the world. Includes maps and driving directions, as well as information on parking

US Passport Information
Passport information from the U.S. State Department

VISA Requirements for US citizens
VISA information issued by the U.S. State Department for U.S. citizens travelling to foreign countries

Hotel & Travel Index
Largest hotel database in the world with over 79,000 hotels around the world

Bed &
Directory of bed and breakfasts with ratings, recommendations, discounts and more

A network of city guides with information about things to do and see in major cities in the US and the world.

Worldwide weather reports with travel and ski advisories.

Guide to cities worldwide, chat with other travelers, and travel resources.

Lonely Planet Online
A collection of travelogues, travel advisories, and facts about worldwide destinations.


Receive higher commission when booking through preferred tour operators, cruise lines, and other suppliers. TPI is a member of TRAVELSAVERSclick for more information on details, suppliers, and commission rates.


You can book directly on sites offering commissions for travel agents. We have supplied you with some of the major sites through our suppliers page. Click on the links provided and enter TPI’s IATA/ARC number in the appropriate space when reserving your booking. Once complete, please email the following information to TPI for commission tracking purposes:

  • Your Agent ID
  • Your Name
  • Name of Passenger
  • Name of  Travel Supplier
  • Booking or confirmation number
  • Dates of travel 

Email this information to: [email protected]. WhenTPI receives a commission from the sale, you will receive a credit for your portion of the commission.


Please note that in order to use the booking engines for Carnival Cruise Line, Costa Cruises, Cunard, Holland America, MSC Cruises, NCL, Princess Cruises, WorldAgent Direct, and Vacation Access (VAX), you must have a user ID and password. This means you must first purchase the Web Cruise/Tour Booking product from our products page:

Click on the ORDER button for Web Cruise/Tour Booking option and state your agent ID on your order. We then establish your access and issue your user ID and password for these sites. All bookings made on these systems are commissionable and will be automatically tracked to you


Hotels, cars rentals, tours, packages, and cruises should be fully commissionable when booked by phone. Please follow the procedures below:

Make sure to always use TPI’s ARC/IATA/CLIA (industry number) when making a reservation. This number is listed on your confirmation email. If you are unsure of your number, please contact TPI Travel Services.

1. When you receive a travel request from a client, find a supplier, such as a cruise line, and call them directly on their locally published phone number.  For some suppliers, you may need to search for the appropriate contact number. TPI provides a supplier contact list in our Agent Manual for cruise lines, car rental companies, hotel chains, and tour operators.

2. When calling a supplier, please identify yourself as a TPI Agent. The proper wording as an example is:

“This is John Doe with TPI Travel Services. My Agent ID is DJ”

3. Do not use your address or phone number in conjunction with TPI’s industry number. The TPI corporate office should be on file with the supplier. If this is not the case, give the supplier TPI’s address and contact the office in order for someone to follow-up with the supplier.

4. Finalize the booking.

5. Record the booking number or confirmation number.

6. Make note of when payments are due and keep a calendar of these dates.

7. Request a credit card or cashier’s check from your client.

8. Send the following information to TPI for commission  tracking purposes:

  • Your Agent ID
  • Your Name
  • Names of Passengers
  • Name of  Travel Supplier
  • Booking or confirmation number
  • Dates of travel 
  • Any other related information about the booking

E-mail this information to: [email protected]
(for cruises and tours, please e-mail information after payment is made to the travel supplier)

When a commission is received from the sale, TPI will credit you with your portion of the commission.
Hotel and car rental payments are typically not made in advance. They are made directly to the supplier at the time of use. Commission is sent to TPI after completion of the rental. Tours and cruises typically have to be paid in full before travel (example: 90 days prior to departure). Commissions are usually sent to TPI as soon as the supplier receives the full payment. Your portion of the commission will be sent to you the month after TPI receives the commission from the supplier.


Below is a list of phone contacts for major suppliers.  Additional contacts can be found on our SUPPLIERS page.

The contact information in this manual is for agents calling from the United States .
Many of these numbers may work when calling from Canada. International agents may need to search for the appropriate contact information
CARNIVAL CRUISE LINES   1-800-327-9501
CELEBRITY CRUISES   1-800-437-3111
COSTA CRUISES  1-800-462-6782
CRYSTAL CRUISES   1-800-446-6620
DISNEY CRUISE LINE   1-800-511-1333
HOLLAND AMERICA LINE   1-800-542-0889
MSC CRUISES      1-800-666-9333
PRINCESS CRUISES       1-800-774-6237
REGENT SEVEN SEAS       1-800-285-1835
ROYAL CARIBBEAN INTL.  1-800-327-6700
SEABOURN CRUISE LINE   1-800-929-9595
SILVERSEA CRUISES, LTD.  1-800-722-9955
WINDSTAR CRUISE 1-800-258-7245
ACE RENT A CAR   1-800 323-3221
ADVANTAGE RENT A CAR 1-800 777-5500
AUTO EUROPE 1-800 223-5555
AVIS   1-800 777-AVIS
BUDGET     1-800 435-7100
DOLLAR   1-800 800-1000
ENTERPRISE    1-800 325-8007
EUROPCAR INC  1-877 940-6900
HERTZ 1-800 654-8881
I.T.S. CAR     1-800 521-0643
KEMWEL     1-800 678-0678
PAYLESS      1-800 541-1566
THRIFTY CAR RENTAL 1-800 822-8257
ADAMS MARK HOTELS AM 1-800 231-5858
AMERICANA HOTELS AH 1-800 722-7220
ASTON HOTELS    AN 1-877 997-6667
ATLAS HOTELS AT 1-800 854-2608
BARTELL HOTELS BB 1-800 345-9995
BEST WESTERN BW 1-800 334-7234
BEVERLY HERITAGE BV 1-800 000-0000
CAESARS RESORTS  CR  1-800 000-0000
CANADIAN PACIFIC CP 1-800 828-7447
CHOICE HOTELS    1-800 228-5050
CIDOTEL HOTELS ZC 1-800 000-0000
CIGA HOTELS  CG 1-800 221-2340
CLARION COLLECTION CC   1=800 252-7466
CN HOTELS  CH 1-800 000-0000
COAST HOTELS   1-800 633-1144
COLONY RESORTS CS  1-800 777-1700
COMFORT INN  CI 1-800 228-5150
COMPRI HOTELS  CO  1-800 426-6774
CONCORDE HOTELS  CD  1-800 843-6664
CONCORDE MIA/PMV   1-800 223-7944
CONDO NETWORK  CN  1-800 321-2525
COURTYARD CY  1-800 321-2211
CRESCENT HOTELS  CQ  1-800 000-0000
CREST HOTELS CU 1-800 548-2323
CUNARD     1-800 222-0939
DAN HTLS OF ISRAEL DN 1-800 000-0000
DAYS INN   DI  1-800 325-2525
DELTA HOTELS        1-800 268-3777
DILLON INNS           1-800 253-7503
DIVI HOTELS             1-800 367-3484
DORINT HOTELS  DO  1-800 000-0000
DOUBLTREE      1-800-528-0444
DRURY INNS    1-800 325-8300
ECONOLODGE EO  1-800 446-6900
EMBASSY SUITES ES 1-800 362-2779
FAIRFIELD INN FN 1-800 000-0000
FAIRMONT HOTELS  FA  1-800 492-6622
FIESTA AMERICANA FH 1-800 343-7821
FLAGSHIP INN FG   1-800 000-0000
GOLDEN TULIP GT 1-800 344-1212
GREEK HOTEL SVC    1-800 736-5717
GUEST QUARTERS GQ 1-800 424-2900
HAMPTON INNS HX 1-800 426-7866
HANDERLY HOTELS    1-800 223-0888
HARRAHS RENO/TAHO  1-800 648-3773
HARLEY HOTELS    1-800 321-2323
HARVEY HOTELS  HV   1-800 922-9222
HAWAIIAN PAC HP 1-800 367-5004
HAWTHORNE SUITES BH 1-800 527-1133
HILTON   HH  1-800 932-3322
HOLIDAY INN AS-NW HI   1-800 465-4329
HORIZON HOTELS HZ 1-800 000-0000
HORSA HTLS REUNIDOS    1-800 634-6887
HTL CORP PACIFIC HC 1-800 000 0000
HOTEL GRP OF AMERICA   1-800 553-1900
HOWARD JOHNSON HJ 1-800 654-2000
HSI RESERVATIONS HS 1-800 421-6662
HYATT S-DL-NW-UA-US HY 1-800 228-9000
IMPERIAL INNS  II  1-800 000-0000
IMPERIAL PALACE    1-800 634-6441
INN SERVICE IS 1-800 000-0000
INT*L TRAVEL RESORTS IT  1-800 000-0000
INT*L TRAVEL SERVICE TS  1-800 000-0000
JACK TAR RESORTS JV 1-800 999-9182
JARVINEN ANN ASSOC JA  1-800 421-0767
JAMAICA RES SERV   1-800526-2422
JOLLY HOTELS     1-800 221-2626
KEDDYS INNS 1-800 561-7666
KEYSTONE RESORT    1-800 222-0188
KEMPINSKI HOTELS KI 1-800 426-3135
KNIGHTS INNS   1-800 722-7220
KRYSTAL HOTELS MEX KH  1-800 000-0000
LA QUINTA  LQ 1-800 531-5900
LADY LUCK  1-800 523-9582
LAKEWAY HTL N CNV    1-800 523-3929
LAS CONV/VISIT AUTH  1-800 332-5333
LEADING HTLS OF WRLD LW  1-800 223-6800
L*ERMITAGE HOTELS MG LE  1-800 424-4443
LEXINGTON MGT CORP LM  1-800 537-8483
L*HOREST HOTELS  LS  1-800 000-0000
LINCOLN HOTELS LI 1-800 228-0808
L.R.I./LOEWS HOTELS  LH  1-800 223-0888
MANDARIN ORIENTAL    1-800 663-0787
MANOTEL CHAIN    1-800 448-8355
MARITIM HOTELS   1-800 843-6664
MARRIOTT MC 1-800 228-2100
MERIDIEN HOTELS  MH  1-800 543-4300
MGM GRAND LAS    1-800 929-1111
MONDOTELS      1-800 847-4249
MOVENPICK HTLS   1-800 228-9822
NENDELS CORP NE 1-800 547-0106
NEW OTANI HOTELS NO 1-800 421-8795
NIKKO HOTELS INTL  NK  1-800 645-5687
NOAHS LIMITED   1-800 421-6662
OASIS INT*L HOTELS OA 1-800 000-0000
OBEROI HOTELS INTL   1-800 562-3764
OMNI US OM  1-800 843-6664
OPRYLAND HOTEL/BNA OP  1-800 000-0000
OTHON    1-800 223-0888
RESINTER RT   1-800 221-4542
PREMIER RESORT/HOTEL   1-800 000-0000
PRESIDENTE HOTELS  EP  1-800 472-2427
PRINCE HOTELS    1-800 223-2094
PRINCESS HOTELS  CZ  1-800 223-1818
PULLMAN INTL HTLS    1-800 223-9862
QUALITY INNS QI  1-800 228-5050
RADISSON RD 1-800 333-3333
RAINTREE INNS    1-800 824-3662
RAMADA INN RA  1-800 228-2828
RANK HOTELS LTD  RK  1-800 548-0291
RED LION INNS  RL  1-800 547-8010
RED ROOF INNS  RF  1-800 843-7663
REGAL 8 INNS   1-800 851-8888
REGENCY    1-800 247-9810
REGISTRY HOTELS  RH  1-800 247-9810
RESIDENCE INNS RC 1-800 331-3131
RESINTER   RT  1-800 221-4542
REST RITE  RX 1-800 000-0000
RIVIERA    1-800 634-6753
ROBERT WARNER  RW  1-800 888-1199
RODD INNS    1-800 565-9077
ROMANTIK HOTELS  RM  1-800 000-0000
ROYAL CLASSIC    1-800 448-8355
ROYCE HOTELS RY 1-800 237-6923
RYDGES     1-800 448-8355
SAS INT*L HTLS SK 1-800 221-2350
SCOTT CALDER INTL  SC  1 800 000-0000
SHANGRI-LA INTL    1 800 457-5050
SHEFFIELD  SH 1 800 000-0000
SHERATON     SI  1 800 334-8484
SMALL LUXURY HOTELS  LX 1 800 000-0000
SONESTA INT*L HOTEL  SO 1 800 343-7170
SO PAC HTL GRP   1 800 421-0536
S.R.S. HOTELS SR 1-800 221-8025
STAKIS    1-800 448-8355
STELLER HTL MGT SVC  1-800 223-0888
STERNS SVCS INTL   1-800 223-0888
STOUFFERS  INNS US ST 1-800 325-5000
SUMMIT HOTELS SU 1-800 000-0000
SUPER 8    1-800 000-0000
SWISSOTEL  SL 1-800 223-0888
TAJ GRP OF HTLS    1-800 458-8825
THISTLE HOTELS TI 1-800 847-4358
TOKYU HTL CHAIN        1-800 822-0016
TRAVELODGE TL 1-800 255-3050
TREADWAY INNS CORP TE 1-800 873-2392
VAGABOND HOTELS VA 1-800 854-2700
VIDAFEL RESORTS VV 1-800 000-0000
VILLAGE RESORTS VR 1-800 000-0000
VIP RESERVATIONS VP 1-800 661-1847
VISCOUNT HOTELS DL VI 1-800 000-0000
WALT DISNEY  DW 1-800 647-7900
WEDGEWOOD HOTEL  WG  1-800 000-0000
WESTIN AS-HP-NW-UA-US WI 1-800 228-3000
WESTMARK HTLS AS   1-800 544-0970
WESTWARD HO HOTEL WH 1-800 634-6803
WYNDHAM  XY-AA-CO WY 1-800 822-4200
AA FLYAWAY VACATIONS 002000  1-800-321-2121
ABERCROMBIE N KENT 002000  1-800-323-7308
ADVENTURE TOURS  002041  1-800-424-2050
AEROMEXICO 002000  1 713-744-8494
ALEXANDER TOURS  002000  1-800-221-6509
AMERICAN EXPRESS 002002 1-800-241-1700
AMERIWEST VACATIONS 002000 1-800-356-6611
AMTRAK RESERVATIONS 003000 1-800-872-7245
ATS/TOUR PACIFIC 002003 1-800-423-2880
ATS/TOUR WORLD 002003 1-800-223-9658
A.O.T. TOURS 002004  1-800-221-9350
BARBACHANO 002081  1-800-327-2254
BENNETT TOURS  002000 1-800-000-0000
BLUE SKY TOURS 002000 1-800-678-2787
BRENNAN TOURS  002000  1-800-000-0000
BRIAN MOORE INTL 002000 1-800-982-2299
C AND H INTL 002000  1-800-833-8888
CARAVAN TOURS  002006  1-800-621-8338
CAYMAN CONNECTION 002000 1-800-468-6426
UNITED SKI VACATION 002000 1-800-525-2052
CELEBRATION TOURS 002000 1-800-832-7529
CERTIFIED TOURS  002000  1-800-221-6666
CIE TOURS INTL 002000 1-800-000-0000
CIRCLE AMERICA TOUR 002000 1-800-422-8212
CLASSIC HAWAII 002044 1-800-221-3949
CLASSIC TOURS  002000  1-800-950-8654
CLASSICAL VACATIONS 002009 1-800-950-8654
CLOUD TOURS  002007  1-800-223-7880
COLLETTE TOURS 002000 1-800-000-0000
CLUBMED  002015 1-800 258-2633
COLONY RESORTS 002000 1-800-237-9443
CONTIKI HOLIDAYS 002000 1-800-466-0610
CONTINENTAL GRAND DEST 002000  1-800-634-5555
DFW TOURS  002014 1-800-527-2589
DOMENICO TOURS 002011 1-800-554-8687
EUROPE BY DESIGN 002000 1-800-777-1668
FRIENDLY HOLIDAYS  002025  1-800-221-9748
FUNJET   002068  1-800-558-3050
GLOBETROTTERS  002000  1-800-999-0955
GLOBUS GATEWAY 002016 1-800-221-0090
GOGO TOURS 002020  1 713 464-0001
GOLDEN DYNASTY TRVL 002021 1-800-247-7706
GOLDEN VACATIONS 002022 1-800-556-5660
GWV/INTL TRVL  002024  1-800-225-5498
GRAND AIRWAYS/HOL EXP 002000 1-800-424-9949
HEMPHILL HARRIS  002018  1-800-421-0454
HOLLAND AMER/WESTOURS 002000 1-800-000-0000
INSIGHT INTERNATIONAL 002000 1-800-582-8380
ISLAND HOLIDAYS  002010  1-800-448-6877
ISRAM WORLD 002000 1-800-000-0000
JAPAN & ORIENT TOURS 002027  1-800-877-8777
JETSET TOURS 002028 1-800-453-8738
KLM VACATIONS CTR  002000  1-800-777-1668
LATOUR   002000  1-800-825-0825
MARSANS INTERNATIONAL 002000 1-800-777-9110
MAUPINTOUR 002000  1-800-000-0000
MAYFLOWER TOURS  002031  1-800-323-7604
MC GREGOR TOURS  002032  1-800-243-5330
MEXICO WHOLESALERS 002054  1-800-531-0084
MEXICO TRAVEL ADVISORS 002033  1-800-682-8687
MLT VACATIONS  002056  1-800-328-0025
MOORINGS  002000  1-800-535-7289
ORIENT EXPRS/VENICE SIMP 002000  1-800-524-2420
PLEASANT HAWAIIAN  002059  1-800-242-9244
PRINCESS TOURS 002060 1-800-426-0442
SOCIETY EXPEDITIONS 002062 1-800-426-7794
SOUTHWEST AIRLINES 002068  1-800-423-5683
SUPERVALUE VACATIONS 002080  1 713-876-6400
SUNCO TRAVEL 002000 1-800-989-6017
TAUCK TOURS  002064 1-800-468-2825
TOUR-DANN  002035 1-800-524-1100
TOURS BY ANDREA  002000  1-800-535-2732
TRAFALGAR TOURS  002036  1-800-962-0188
TRAVEL LEADERS 002000 1-800-323-3218
UNITRAVEL 002095 1-800-325-2222
UNIVERSAL DESTINATIONS 002096  1-800-627-3483
WALT DISNEYLAND TRAVEL 002065 1-800-854-3104
WALT DISNEYWORLD TRAVEL 002066 1-800-327-2996
WINGE OF SCANDINAVIA 002040 1-800-328-5114
ZEUS TOURS AND YACHTS 002000 1-800-447-5667


If you’d like to order brochures, please contact suppliers directly via email, phone, or website to request brochures or other sales material they may offer. Brochures should always be free of charge.

When ASKING FOR BROCHURES, advise them that you are an Independent Agent with TPI Travel Services and that you would like the brochures sent to your home address. Make sure they are fully aware that this is a home address. Do not use your company name. If the supplier will only send brochures to TPI’s address, you would only be responsible for mailing fees from TPI to your address. Please let TPI know if you have requested brochures so we can forward them to the appropriate individual. Please let us know what method of shipping you would like to use for delivery.


TPI will write letters of introduction to any foreign-based charter airline, consolidator, or tour operator if requested by one of our agents. These requests are intended to enable the agent to, A) earn a commission for that supplier’s products and B) to be eligible for agent discounts.  The charge for the letter for an emailed letter is $10 or can be forwarded by fax for $15.

Below is information on how to contact non-U.S. tour operators to request the option to sell their products and earn commissions on their behalf:

Contact the wholesaler’s sales department and identify yourself as an independent agent representing TPI.  Provide TPI’s ARC/IATA industry number. Inquire about commissions available for travel agents and provide TPI’s address for accounting purposes. Ask if a signed agreement is required. If so, please have the wholesaler send the agreement to TPI for signature. Let them know you will make payments directly to them via check or credit card. Please make them aware that all commission payments should be sent directly to TPI. Any documents or confirmations should faxed or sent to directly to you.  Copies of any transactions should be forwarded via email or fax to TPI. TPI will then divide the commissions with you.  In some cases, wholesalers may be willing to set up an account directly with you. In these situations, do NOT use TPI’s industry numbers. If you opt to establish a direct account (no use of TPI’s industry numbers), commissions will not be shared with TPI. TPI cannot provide assistance in any transactions should you establish a direct account.

Important Notice to all Agents located in an area where U.S. currency is not normally used:  Fares and other services are priced in U. S. Dollars when originating from the U.S. or countries in which fares are based in USD.  Fares in other countries are based on the currency used in that country.  If you book a fare based on a currency other than USD, the amount will be converted to USD based on the official bank rate and the ticket will be issued in USD. If you pay by bank draft or transfer, you will need to transfer the USD amount to our bank.  If you use a credit card, the local currency is converted into USD. Then the USD amount is converted back into your local currency for billing. Amounts may vary by a small fraction if there has been a fluctuation in the currency values from the time the ticket was issued to the time the amount was converted back for billing.

You will receive your commission the month following TPI’s receipt of the commission payment from the travel vendor. Commissions are paid by check in U.S. funds.


Codes for some of the major airlines: These carriers are not in alphabetical order.



As a general rule, commissions are not offered for airline reservations.

Ask your clients to contact the airlines on their own. If they prefer for you make the reservation on their behalf, you are able to charge your client a service fee. You may determine the amount you’d like to asses as a service fee. There is no need to report any non-commissionable airline tickets to TPI.

Do not involve TPI in any  non-commissionable airline reservations.

There are exceptions:
WESTJET is a Canadian airline that may offer commission to travel agencies. Commission is only  paid on domestic flights within Canada. International flights are  not commissionable. If you would like to access WestJet Airline (for air only), TPI will need to create a WestJet ID & password on your behalf. There is a one-time fee of $5 to set up the account. This fee can be paid by check or debited from your first WestJet commission. After TPI has issued a WestJet ID for you (or if you had a WestJet ID prior to the change to their new reservations system), go to:
If you have signed up for the Web Tour/Cruise Booking product, you will not be charged the one-time $5 fee. If you have an established account with WestJet prior to the change in reservation systems, please utilize your original WestJet ID and Password.


It is true that commissions on PUBLISHED airfares have been eliminated by almost all airlines. TPI makes special fares available to our agents through the use of air consolidators. Consolidators are used for international airline tickets and high priced first or business-class tickets.

Air consolidators have been in existence for about 30 years. Airlines began reducing commissions to travel agencies by introducing commission caps during the mid-90’s, opening the door to consolidators. Years later, the airlines ceased paying commissions altogether and the use of air consolidators grew.

Tickets at prices less than published fares are available to many international destinations through the use of consolidators. In order to obtain such tickets, agents can call the sales or marketing office of the international airline serving the destinations you are interested in. You can inquire which consolidators the airline would recommend. TPI has links to some of the more well established Air Consolidators. They can be found under the “Suppliers” section of the website, or click here.

Buying consolidator tickets is not without risk. The consolidation business is not regulated and occasionally problems can occur. When dealing with consolidators, it is advisable that you make payment via credit card only, even if it is slightly more expensive. This will protect you in case the consolidator goes out of business or does not deliver the tickets.

FAREBUZZ is a consolidator for several airlines. Unlike most consolidators, TPI can receive a pre-determined commission and split the commission with you. You may increase the commission if you wish, however, if you lower the commission amount, you will be charged a $25 TPI service fee.

JAX FAX is also a good source of information on consolidator airfares. You can find out more information on JAX FAX at

TPI charges a $25 service fee for each consolidator ticket using TPI’s ARC/IATA number.


An In-home Travel Agency needs clients just like any retail on online business. Your ongoing task as a business owner is to find people who will purchase the services you have to offer.

Where are these people? Your prospects for clients are everywhere!


Write down names, email addresses, and phone numbers in the categories listed below. This is a vital step to building a successful marketing program. Plan to contact each of these people and ask them to do business with you and your new TPI Travel Agency. For great ideas on who to sell to and how to get started, review each section of the marketing manual provided in your TPI package, take notes, and follow through.

Who to Contact ASAP:

  • Families in your neighborhood
  • Your immediate family
  • Your postman
  • Your hairstylist / barber
  • Sisters, Brothers
  • Your banker
  • Your dentist
  • Grandparents
  • Your pharmacist
  • Your children’s teachers
  • People you send cards to
  • Co-workers of your spouse
  • Your insurance agent
  • Your accountant/attorney
  • Aunts, Uncles, Cousins
  • Members of your PTA
  • Members of your civic club
  • Your florist
  • Members of your health club
  • Your favorite waiter/waitress
  • Your doctor
  • Your plumber
  • Your mechanic
  • Your veterinarian
  • Members of your church
  • People you or your family play sports with

These are just a few suggestions and a great place to start. Think of additional people you can contact to add to your list. As you can see, once you have a list to work from, marketing your new travel agency becomes much easier. Just like a garden, your business will grow fast with proper care. Plant the seed with everyone you come in contact with that you are now in the travel business and you would be happy to handle their travel requirements. Ask people to recommend you to people they know who need travel arrangements. Whenever you go out of your home, remind yourself that most everyone you encounter will need travel arrangements at some point in time. Distribute your business cards and your home agency brochures every chance you get. The recipients may not need travel arrangements today, but they will maintain your business cards and brochures as reminders of the agency to call when they do.


1. I don’t know enough about the travel business.

2. I don’t know whom to call.

3. I’m not well known in my community.

4. They (prospects) probably already have a travel agency.

5. I’m still assembling my list of prospects.

6. I need more time to study the market.

7. I don’t have time.

8. I’m afraid they might say no.

9. I’m waiting for the right moment.

10. Marketing isn’t that important. I just know people will hear about me somehow and they will call.

Do any of these sound familiar? Don’t allow yourself to fall victim to these excuses. Develop a habit of handing out your business cards and asking people if they will call you next time they are going to travel. You will find that it really is easy and fun to do. Nike says it best…Just Do It!! 

Marketing Tools That Help Get Results

You have within your reach a kit of marketing tools to bring in clients and profits. The purpose of using a marketing tool is to get attention. We cannot over emphasize the importance of utilizing the right tools that will actually grow your business and help you to earn more money. TPI recommends using a marketing package consisting of envelopes and business cards with the TPI logo. In addition, business reply cards, prospect cards, and client profile cards are a vital part of your marketing kit. This helps assure your new clients that you’re a professional travel agent who will work hard to handle any travel arrangements they may have.

Quick tip….. Always carry a large supply of business cards…and hand them out to everyone you meet!

Use web-based marketing. Establish a web and social media presence and promote it. Customers will come to you from everywhere. Search the web for the best type of promotion, and appeal to people who share your interest and specialty. Consider paid ads for key search terms.

Promotional Items

Did you ever stop to think that a key chain, luggage tag or a wall calendar with your agency name and address on it is an ad that will last longer than an ad in the newspaper? Promotional items that you give to clients and prospects perform an ongoing, yet inexpensive means of reminding consumers of your name, day after day.

Here are a few inexpensive items that are really great for promoting your travel business:

Calendars, Luggage Tags, Key chains, Passport Cases, Paperweights, Pens, Mugs, Hats, & Shirts.

Let your imagination stay busy constantly. Create more opportunities to get your agency’s name and contact information out to the public as often as possible and watch your profits grow!


You may use our logo in your advertising and on your business cards, etc. 
Please include a remark under the logo referencing your status: Independent Agent.

Here is a copy of our logo for you to use

In order to upload the logo, simply right-click and save the image to any directory you would like.  You can then insert the logo into your materials. You may also use the logo on your website.


TPI offers a 10% referral fee for any new agent referral. Simply email the information for the prospective agent and you will receive 10% of any services your referral purchases from the Products Page of TPI’s website.



Becoming a travel consultant and using your credentials:

Do I need a bond?

One of the benefits of being a TPI agent is that there is no need to obtain a bond to meet ARC and IATA financial operating standards. TPI arranges the necessary industry bond.

Do I need a computer?

In order to efficiently work with TPI, access to a computer, internet and email is required.

Will I receive commissions from my personal travel?

If you book any type of personal travel at standard rates you are entitled to the same commission you would receive if you sold the trip to a client.  However, rates specifically for travel industry personnel are typically non-commissionable.

How much money can I make?

As with any business, your potential earnings are based upon the amount of time and effort you invest in building a client base. Some people are content with a small income and travel benefits.  Others work full time and earn a substantial income.

Can I advertise with tours and cruises promoted in the newspaper or online and earn commissions?

Yes. This is a good way to see what’s being offered in you area. Tour operators and cruise lines all advertise heavily.  Make sure you contact the tour operator or cruise line you wish to partner with directly. Do not contact the other travel agencies that have paid to be included in the suppliers advertisement.

How do I pay for cruises and tours?

A credit card is the best way to pay for any travel service. Many credit cards include free travel insurance, and they are a more efficient way to do business. If a client pays you using cash, you will need to send a cashier’s check or money order the same day. TPI advises against taking personal checks because of the risk of bad checks. A bad check leaves you personally responsible for the costs of your clients’ travel.

Are my travel and other business expenses tax deductible?

As an independent contractor, you are responsible for all of your own taxes. Many expenses are tax deductible as a legitimate business expense.  However, we recommend you check with a licensed CPA or tax accountant to ensure you receive every deduction you can and avoid deducting something you shouldn’t.

What discounts can I qualify for?

As a travel consultant, you may qualify for numerous industry discounts on hotels, car rentals, cruises, attractions, and more. 

Will I receive commission for air travel purchases? 

In most cases, the airlines have stopped offering commissions to travel agencies.

What are consolidator fares?

Consolidator purchase large quantities of tickets at discounted rates in order to resell them for profit. These are particularly abundant in overseas markets and can sometimes represent substantial discounts. We have a list of the recommended consolidators that we recommend using. Keep in mind, there are hundreds of consolidators.  It is your responsibility to call the consolidator and understand that you get a “net” fare. You must add in taxes and TPI’s $25 service fee to the total purchase price of the ticket.  In addition if you wish to make any commission using consolidators you need to add the commission to that fare basis..  Whatever excess is charged beyond TPI’s service fee will be forwarded to you in the form of commission.

What requirements are needed to receive an actual IATAN card?

The IATAN card is issued by the International  Airlines Travel Agent Network (IATAN), upon request by TPI. This is the most widely recognized Travel Agent ID card. Some suppliers may require an IATAN card in order to receive a travel industry discount. If an IATAN card is required, you will not be eligible for discounts until you have reached the minimum IATAN commission requirements and have applied for your card. The  following requirements are set by IATAN in order to obtain a card:

  • $5,000 in commissions paid to you by TPI within a 12 consecutive month  period
  • You must work at least 20 hours per week as an independent travel agent

Upon reaching these requirements, you can request for TPI to apply for your IATAN card.  There are additional  fees for the IATAN card that are not included with the TPI membership.

How do I book hotels?

There are many ways to book hotels.  One way is to call the hotel directly.  Ask if they have any rooms available for the particular nights in question. They will then quote a price. Most hotels will need a credit card guarantee to hold the room for you or your client. Make sure you are aware of their cancellation policy prior to booking. Always give the hotel TPI’s IATA (industry number). If the reservation is for you, ask if they offer a travel agent discount and if so book the room under that travel agent discount.  You will be asked to provide your travel agent credentials and possibly the phone number and address of this agency (TPI Travel Services). Please do not give your home phone number or address. Remember you are an active outside sales agent/independant contractor and in that capacity you must give TPI’s information.

How do I get the best rates?

The reason we are able to offer you a portion of TPI’s commissions and services is that YOU do the research yourself. When a travel agency researches a trip, they earn every penny.  Our procedure is simple. You make the calls to the travel suppliers and notify TPI of any bookings you have made. You are now getting professional pricing, so in turn you must expect to do a little more in return.  Many travel suppliers offer sales and/or special commissions. Sign up for their emails so that you will be aware of current offers. TPI does not plan trips for you or your clients, but if you have any questions, please email us for assistance.

How do I book a cruise?

Call the cruise  company and ask if there is a travel agent number you should call or reference this manual for a list of numbers. In most cases, agent information must be provided. Always provide the cruise company with TPI’s ARC/IATA/CLIA (industry number). If the reservation is for you, ask if they offer a travel agent discount and what requirements might be included. You will be asked to provide your travel agent credentials and possibly the phone number and address of TPI Travel Services.  Please do not give your home phone number or address. Remember you are an active outside sales agent/independant contractor and in that capacity you must give TPI’s information.

TPI Travel Services